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Study Medicine in Rzeszow (Poland)

Study in Rzeszow, the capital of the scenic Subcarpathia. The university sets itself apart with its student-friendly and high-quality approach–intensive support is guaranteed thanks to small tuition groups and communication is facilitated by the course being taught in English. 

Rzeszow, Poland

University of Rzeszow

MediStart is your trusted partner in realizing your dreams of studying medicine in the vibrant city of Rzeszow and at the prestigious University of Rzeszow. We understand that sometimes grades don’t tell the whole story, and that’s where we come in. At MediStart, we specialize in helping students like you secure coveted spots at university, even if your academic journey has had its fair share of challenges.

Our personalized approach, expert guidance, and tailored resources will give you the edge you need to shine. With our in-depth knowledge and our strong connections within the industry, we’ll help you turn setbacks into success stories. Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock the doors to your future in medicine in the heart of Rzeszow. 

You can now apply for a university place to study medicine at the University of Rzeszow for autumn 2024; the degree is taught entirely in English and after 6 years results in the internationally recognised title of “MD” (Medical Doctor). For students particularly interested in research, the university also offers a PhD programme following the completion of the degree.

When studying in Rzeszow, the capital of picturesque Carpathia, you will feel like you are studying close to home as Lufthansa operates daily flights to other countries from the local airport. Make use of MediStart’s wide expertise as one of the leading agencies in Germany and apply for a place at this university!

Medicine at the University of Rzeszow

Almost 20,000 students study at the eleven faculties of the University of Rzeszow, which was founded in 2001, and at this stage, the university focuses on particularly small groups. With its modern facilities of teaching areas, labs and highly qualified lecturers, many of whom come from the USA, the university impresses in many ways. The degree in medicine not only passes on excellent medical knowledge to future doctors but also promotes a multidimensional medical mindset. In fact, the university attaches great importance to practical skills from the beginning.

Deadline approaching –  Apply today!

Subjects: Medicine (in English)
Application Deadline: Expected in September 2024 (winter semester 2024/25)
Term Start: Expected in October 2024
Tuition Fees: Medicine: 6,500 EUR/semester (6 years)

The university sets itself apart with its student-friendly and high-quality approach–intensive support is guaranteed thanks to small tuition groups and communication is facilitated by the course being taught in English. Besides the degree, a university newspaper, many student societies, living halls with new gym facilities and many international exchange programmes are also available to the students at the University of Rzeszow.

Studying in Rzeszow 

Rzeszow has almost 200,000 inhabitants and is idyllically located in the valley of Wislok. Many aerospace companies and research facilities have established their headquarters in and around the city, while the old city centre has remained small and manageable. The lovingly preserved buildings from the 19th century give the town a Mediterranean charm and in the heart of the city is the recently renovated market square. The castle at Lancut, one of the most significant baroque castles in Eastern Europe, is located only a few kilometres outside of Rzeszow and its court serves as a venue for countless concerts and exhibitions. It was reopened some months ago after being completely renovated. A particular highlight is the annual “Music Festival in Lancut”, which is listed as one of the most famous festivals in Poland. Rzeszow is surrounded by picturesque nature and has numerous national parks that offer an inviting environment for relaxation, and a well-developed bike rental system allows you to explore the city and its green surroundings.

Requirements and Application 

MediStart has extensive experience to guide you safely throughout the entire application process. You can obtain a place at the Medical University of Rzeszow without entirely relying on your high school grades. Instead, the allocation of places is based on an admission test and an interview, for which MediStart provides optimal preparation. The test takes place in various countries and is even available online; it is possible and sensible to take the test before having completed your high school educationThe required interview can also be held via Skype.

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