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A Successful Beginning starts with us!

Our Annual successful admissions rate in the past years have been significantly higher than 90%. With that said, It has always been a great pleasure seeing our MediStart pre-college youth receive their places at their chosen university, ready to begin this incredible phase of their lives. If you also want to be one of them, do not hesitate to contact us today!


About Us

MediStart, established in Germany, was crafted by legal experts specializing in university student law to address the increasing demand for reliable solutions among students seeking opportunities to study medicine. Our team at MediStart comprises highly qualified advisors, including professors, lawyers, and doctors, all dedicated to assisting you comprehensively throughout your academic journey abroad.

Our mission at MediStart is to provide unwavering support in preparation for  your studies overseas. Over the years, we’ve assisted over 12,000 students and parents, hailing from countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, and the UK, with complete satisfaction.

Driven by our professionalism and commitment, the demand for MediStart’s services has transcended borders, prompting our expansion beyond the German market. Since 2021, we’ve established offices in Spain and Italy to cater to the growing needs of students across Europe.

We take pride in the countless positive testimonials we’ve received from our students upon securing placements in medical degree programs. These testimonials serve as a testament to our success in achieving our goals and fulfilling our purpose. We remain dedicated to delivering exceptional service every day and strive to maintain our position as a leading agency in this specialized sector.


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