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Medistart has the very best advisors ready to help you have a stress free experience. From applying to the university of your dreams to acceptance, till your graduation day. We are happy to help from point A-Z.


Steps to Start Your Journey

Choose your university

Requirements to Start Your Studies:

Once you have taken the first step and have chosen your university, MediStart will take care of the rest. 

Each university has specific requirements for the admissions process (exams, documents, interviews, etc.) It is our job, with our expertise, to make sure you meet these requirements and to carry out your admissions process successfully until you obtain your place to study.

With MediStart you have the option to take admissions exams in person, scheduled in various pre-selected cities. Or take the test Online in the comfort of your home. These exams give you the flexibility and the option to apply with several universities simultaneously. MediStart will prepare you for these admissions tests and interviews through our exclusive couseling services.

Keep in mind, not every university is the right one for you!

Each university has different requirements and admissions processes. Typically your final grade will not play a decisive role in your acceptance. However, MediStart help you prepare for very important things that will be considered. 

Our job is to help you choose the right university where you will have the best chances of a successful path in medical studies. 

At MediStart, We work with many universities in Germany, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Poland and many more. We understand that choosing the right university can be overwhelming, especially with so many to choose from. We are happy to work with the student and parents, and use our expertise in helping you find the perfect university for your successful start in your career in medicine. Important factors such as costs, maintenance and location will be taken into consideration for your best chances of success. This is something that varies from each individual, so it is important to schedule a meeting with one of our MediStart advisors here.

MediStart will accompany you through the entire application process. We will ensure the delivery of your documents are punctual and you are always aware of next steps for a stress free experience. We collaborate with members of the university to ensure a smooth transition into the university. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive advice and to have availability to coach you to make your dream of a career in medicine a reality. About to graduate? You can apply even before you have a leaving certificate or diploma in the hand. Contact us for more information about studying abroad, we would be happy to send a free information guide to you.

Three Easy Steps towards success:


  1. Fill out our form
  2. We take care of the rest
  3. Study at the perfect university for you


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