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Study Veterinary Medicine in Jelgava (Latvia)

The Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) is a popular choice among international students. Every year, more and more students come from Germany, Sweden, and the UK to study here.

Jelgava (Latvia)

Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies | Study in Jelgava | Admission Process

Study Veterinary Medicine in Jelgava

Your dreams of studying in the lively city of Jelgava  start at the prestigious Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies. We recognize that academic paths can be diverse, and sometimes grades alone don’t reflect your true potential. That’s where MediStart comes in.

At MediStart, we specialize in guiding students like you to secure coveted spots at university, leveraging our personalized approach and expert guidance to overcome challenges and unlock your potential. With our tailored resources and industry connections, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to shine brightly in your veterinary medicine journey.

As the sole Veterinary University in Latvia, it offers diverse faculties in Veterinary Medicine, Forestry, Business Administration, Agricultural Sciences, and Engineering. With over 7,000 students, 300 professors, and scientists, it fosters a dynamic learning environment.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including modern laboratories and cutting-edge medical technology, the university serves as a hub for groundbreaking research and innovation. Its library, connected online with top-tier information centers, stands as one of the most modern in the EU.

Experience the transformative education offered at the Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies, where excellence thrives and innovation knows no bounds.

The Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies

The Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU) is highly sought after by international students, with a growing number of applicants from Germany, Sweden, and England each year. Its appeal lies in several advantages, including no minimum qualifications required and minimal waiting lists. Additionally, LLU’s program adheres to the Bologna agreement and features a curriculum developed in collaboration with the European Association of Veterinary Education Establishments (EAEVE).

Subjects: Veterinary Medicine (in English)

Deadline: July 2024 (winter semester 2024/2025)  Apply today!

Beginning of the semester: September 2024

Cost per semester: Veterinary: 4,500,- euros/semester (6 years)

The entire program is taught in English. MediStart guides you through the admission process, ensuring your documents are complete and assisting with settling into a new city. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, with an 80-year legacy, focuses on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. It comprises various departments, veterinary clinics (for small pets, horses, and farm animals), research centers, laboratories, and a pathology institute. Additionally, the faculty collaborates with pharmaceutical companies and the food industry. At the Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies, education is intensive, with study groups typically limited to ten students.

Study in Jelgava

Jelgava, a charming university town infused with Baltic culture, lies just 40 km from Latvia’s capital, Riga. The historic castle of the Dukes of Courland, erected in 1266 on an island in the river, has since been replaced by a palace that now houses the University of Jelgava. Easily accessible from various European countries via the central Riga airport, Jelgava offers a welcoming environment where English is widely spoken. Students can enjoy a plethora of recreational activities, from sailing on the Baltic Sea to jogging or strolling through the city. With amenities such as golf courses, riding clubs, and university sports, student life is enriched. Moreover, pet-friendly facilities at the University of Jelgava accommodate students wishing to bring along their furry companions, whether they be dogs, cats, or even horses.

Admission Process

The university assigns your study places by taking the university’s own entrance exam or by successfully passing the MediTest-EU, which you can also complete online. You can prove your knowledge of English through a Skype interview with the university or, alternatively, with a language certificate, for example TOEFL or IELTS. After the university place is granted, you will begin an introductory phase at the university. During this stage, you will become familiar with the campus, the city and the students.

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