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Study Medicine or Dentistry in Rijeka (Croatia)

At the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka you can study Medicine without a cut-off grade or long waiting lists. MediStart is an official partner of the university and has developed extensive preparation options for the admission process.

Rijeka (Croatia)

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Medical studies in Rijeka University

Embark on your journey with MediStart as your trusted partner and expert in university admissions. We understand that grades aren’t the only measure of potential, which is why we specialize in helping students secure coveted spots at the prestigious University of Rijeka, even amid academic challenges. Benefit from our personalized approach, expert guidance, and tailored resources designed to help you shine. With our extensive industry knowledge and strong connections, we’ll transform setbacks into success stories, unlocking the doors to your future in medicine or dentistry in the heart of Rijeka.

Established in 2017, the University of Rijeka offers an outstanding international degree program in Medicine in the vibrant “European Capital of Culture 2020.” Located on the Adriatic coast near Trieste and Venice, Rijeka is a popular destination. With the addition of the Dentistry degree program in 2020, studies are conducted in English, offering students a truly international experience.

Since 2019, the university has collaborated with German clinics and hospitals through MediStart, providing opportunities for medical service in Germany. We handle the entire process, from application to document delivery, ensuring a seamless experience for you. Trust MediStart to guide you through this wonderful stage of your academic journey in Rijeka.

Study in Rijeka

The Medical Faculty of the University of Rijeka, nestled in the charming Old Town, has been a pillar of excellence since its establishment in 1955. Over the past six decades, it has earned renown as one of the foremost medical schools in the Adriatic region. With small group sizes, students receive personalized support, fostering academic success. The international program draws students from many EU countries as well as from the UK.

Beyond academic rigor, the University of Rijeka offers a vibrant array of sports, social activities, and involvement in student organizations. The city’s delightful Mediterranean and Central European ambiance enhances the university experience, making Rijeka an appealing choice for aspiring medical professionals.

Subjects: Medicine and Dentistry (in English)

Deadline : expected May 2024 (winter semester 2024/2025)  Apply today!

Beginning of the semester: October 2024

Cost per semester: Medicine: 5,000,- euros/semester (6 years) Dentistry: 5,000,- euros/semester (6 years)


Life as a student in Rijeka

Located an hour south of Venice and Trieste on the Adriatic coast, Rijeka is Croatia’s third-largest city, boasting a population of over 120,000 residents. Situated on the bay of the same name, Rijeka is a sought-after destination.

English is widely spoken among Rijeka’s residents, with the university offering free, compulsory Croatian language courses for the first three years. Rijeka is well-connected with daily flights to Venice and Trieste, as well as direct flights to Rijeka airport. Situated on the island of Krk, the airport is easily accessible via a bridge connecting it to the mainland.

The Admission Process

MediStart is an official partner of the university and has developed extensive preparation options for the admission process. High school grades are not decisive for admission. In the case of Dentistry, the university tests your manual skills. In the case of medicine, the allocation of study places is done through the MediTest-EU; for which MediStart optimally prepares you. The test consists of a written part (60%) focused on biology, chemistry, general knowledge and a motivation and aptitude interview (40%); It is usually done every month completely online. Remember that it is also possible and even advisable to take the admission exam before finishing high school. If during high school you have not studied natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics or mathematics, it is advisable to attend the MediStart college semester; in person or online. The MediStart college semester is officially recognized by the university as college preparation; your MediStart advisor will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements and options. We prepare you for the online MediTest-EU with personalized coaching sessions so that you can get your place at the university. MediStart accompanies you from the beginning, guarantees a smooth process throughout the admission stage and supports you with all the doubts you have so that your studies abroad are a great experience full of success.

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