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Pre-medical semester in Hamburg

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Register today for the MediStart pre-medical College semester. Your grades in high school do not determine your eligibility for this course. On the contrary, the MediStart pre-medical semester will help you to reinforce and strengthen your knowledge in different areas that will later be of great relevance for your university studies, such as chemistry or biology. In addition, you will have the opportunity to gradually familiarise yourself with the most important terminology in English or German, depending on the language you will be studying in.

Pre-medical college semester MediStart

The MediStart pre-medical semester is waiting for you in Hamburg in cooperation with the HUMANITAS education network. You will study in the modern facilities of the UMCH, one of the best universities in the city. Every day you will go through a wide range of subjects such as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and specific terminology. Apart from this, you will experience your first steps into the university academic system, where from this early stage you will take part in pre-clinical subjects that will optimally prepare you for your university studies.
This semester is also an exceptional opportunity for foreign students, as it offers them the chance to adapt in many respects to the rhythm of life in the city where they will be living while studying.

Medical studies in Hamburg

Medical studies without cut-off marks or long waiting lists will be offered at the University of Hamburg from the end of 2019. UMCH, one of the main campuses of the University of Târgu Mureș in Romania. This duality offers students the possibility to study in both English and German, depending on their profile and interests, and the practical part of the course will be possible in German hospitals thanks to the university’s cooperation with AMEOS clinics.
In order to apply to this university, you will have to pass a theoretical test focused on knowledge of natural sciences such as biology or chemistry, after which you will have to take part in an interview with the university’s selection committee.

One of the exclusive services available to MediStart students is the preparation for the admission stage of the university of their choice, where students receive personalised advice for both the theory test and the interview in order to deliver the best possible results and make the most of their potential.

The pre-medical semester offered by MediStart is of great importance for two reasons. On the one hand, this course is a great opportunity for dozens of young pre-university students to reinforce their knowledge in areas of great relevance for the study of medicine such as biology, chemistry or physics. On the other hand, this semester is also an excellent option for those who are looking for the right investment of time and resources before starting their degree.



Together with the HUMANITAS university network, MediStart offers you this well-structured course with a syllabus of more than 150 hours that is especially useful for those who:

  • Want to reinforce knowledge of subjects they have studied during their baccalaureate.
  • are looking to familiarise themselves with medical subjects in English or German.
  • want to be well prepared for university admissions, exams and interviews later on.

The MediStart pre-medical college semester is ideal for all young students who are about to start their studies in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Dentistry in English.

Semester start: February 2023

Semester fee: one-off payment of 6,800 euros per semester.

Last update: 03.11.2022

Request all information about the Pre-medical College Semester in Hamburg in February 2023 free of charge today.

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It is possible to register for the pre-medical college semester today and start in February 2023. Due to the limited space for this course and the successive allocation of study places we recommend starting the registration process as early as possible.