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Study medicine in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic)

Study medicine at the prestigious Charles University in Hradec Kralove. Your medical degree in Hradec Kralove will take place in one of the five medical faculties of Charles University–the oldest university in Central Europe, where 1,500 future doctors are studying. 

Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic)

Charles University in Hradec Kralove

Your Medical Career in Hradec Kralove with MediStart and Charles University. MediStart is your trusted ally in achieving your dream of studying medicine in the vibrant city of Hradec Kralove, alongside the esteemed Charles University. We understand that academic journeys are diverse, and grades may not always reflect your true potential – that’s where we step in.

With our personalized approach, expert guidance, and tailored resources, we equip you with the tools to secure coveted spots at university, overcoming any challenges along the way. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and strong industry connections, we transform setbacks into success stories, guiding you towards a fulfilling career in medicine.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we open doors to your future in the heart of Hradec Kralove. Study medicine at the renowned Charles University, where exam results are recognized in the USA, attesting to the high-quality education offered. Your final high school grades are not considered during the application process, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

With years of experience in providing English-taught degree programs and supporting international students, Charles University offers 105 study places in medicine and 25 in dentistry annually. Top students also have the chance to gain practical experience in the USA or England, further enhancing their educational journey.

Study Medicine at The Charles University

Charles University’s Prestigious Medical Faculties Awaits you. In Hradec Kralove, your medical degree journey unfolds within one of Charles University’s five esteemed medical faculties. As the oldest university in Central Europe, Charles University has been shaping the future of medicine for centuries, with 1,500 aspiring doctors currently enrolled in its programs.

With approximately 350 international students, comprising about a quarter of the student body, Charles University embraces diversity and welcomes aspiring doctors from around the world.

The university hospital, located conveniently near the campus, stands as a beacon of medical excellence in the Czech Republic. Boasting 37 individual clinics, 1,400 beds, and a dedicated team of 4,000 doctors and nurses, the hospital provides invaluable hands-on experience and training opportunities for medical students.

Deadline approaching –  Apply today!

Subjects: Medicine, Dentistry (in English)
Application Deadline: April 2024 (Winter semester 2024/25), early application recommended
Term Start: Expected in October 2024
Tuition Fees: Medicine: 8,150 EUR/semester (6 years),
Dentistry: 8,400 EUR/semester (5 years)

Studying in Hradec Kralove

Nestled within a picturesque park area, the university campus in Hradec Kralove offers a serene environment for academic pursuits. Here, both theoretical and practical aspects of the degree are delivered to the highest international standards, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Hradec Kralove itself embodies the quintessential student town, with its population of approximately 100,000 fostering a vibrant community. Enjoy low costs of living and a plethora of leisure activities, all within easy reach. Plus, with Prague and its airport just 1.5 hours away, exploring further afield is effortless.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Hradec Kralove, where every street corner tells a story spanning 800 years. Experience the vibrant cultural scene through regular theatrical and musical performances. For outdoor enthusiasts, nearby skiing resorts and various sports facilities offer ample opportunities for adventure.

Explore the charming old town center, dotted with cozy cafes and frequented by tourists and students alike. It’s the perfect setting for leisurely walks and socializing.

The university warmly welcomes its international students, kicking off the academic journey with a lively Welcome Party. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow students from England, Scandinavia, and beyond, setting the stage for a memorable and enriching experience.

Requirements and Application 

The degree in Hradec Kralove does not focus on your final high school grades. However, in order to be accepted, you will need to pass a challenging scientific admission test, and MediStart offers a preparation course (that is also available online) and individual online coaching to prepare you for this.  Additionally, you will need to have your level in English verified either with corresponding grades from your school career or with a TOEFL or IELTS certificate.

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