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Study Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine in Valencia (Spain)

At the University of Valencia (UCH), you can study both Dentistry and Veterinary medicine in English in its attractive facilities. You will benefit from small tuition groups as well as modern teaching facilities equipped with the latest technology and computer systems.

Valencia (Spain)

University of Valencia | Study in Valencia | Admission Process 

Cardenal Herrera University

Start your journey towards a rewarding career in veterinary medicine or dentistry at the University of Valencia (UCH) this upcoming winter semester. With a holistic admissions approach that considers more than just high school grades, UCH offers an attractive opportunity for aspiring students. Experience the pinnacle of academic excellence at this prestigious private university, where degrees in dentistry and veterinary medicine are offered in English.

Benefit from a comprehensive five-year program taught entirely in English, with specialized technical terms introduced from the onset of your degree. Medistart is your trusted partner in realizing your educational dreams, providing personalized guidance and resources tailored to your individual needs. Whether you’ve faced academic challenges or not, we’re here to help you secure your spot at UCH.

Join us as we unlock the doors to your future in vibrant Valencia. Discover a university environment that embraces diversity, with ten percent of medical faculty students hailing from international backgrounds, including the USA and other EU countries. As a dentistry or veterinary medicine student, you’ll enjoy regular access to state-of-the-art clinical facilities, offering hands-on experience at the forefront of technology and medicine.

Experience the value of practical skills education firsthand, with UCH providing over 2,700 practical placements to its students in the past. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to pursue your passion and excel in your chosen field. Apply now with Medistart and embark on your journey towards success at the University of Valencia.

Dentistry or Veterinary at University of Valencia

Experience the advantage of personalized education with small tuition groups and state-of-the-art teaching facilities at this university. Equipped with the latest technology and computer systems, our modern facilities ensure an optimal learning environment for students.

In practical training sessions, each student receives individual attention, with a maximum of two students paired with a single tutor. This fosters direct contact and enhances the success rate of students. To maintain the highest standards of education, we implement regular quality assurance procedures, ensuring that the university maintains excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.

Deadline approaching –  Apply today!

Subjects: Dentistry & Veterinary Medicine (in English; veterinary medicine in Spanish starting in the 4th semester)
Application Deadline: Expected in May 2024 (winter semester 2024/25); an early application is recommended due to high demand
Term Start: Expected in September 2024
Tuition Fees: Dentistry: 11,330 EUR/semester (5 years), Veterinary Medicine: 9,000 EUR/semester (5 years)

In order to ensure a frictionless start to life in the new city and to the degree itself, the university has an English-speaking Hospitality Service Office that caters exclusively to the interests of foreign-language students. Foreign students, therefore, receive special services! You will have a full-time contact person, who can explain everything in English and assist you with both private and academic matters.

Studying in Valencia

Valencia, Spain’s dynamic third-largest city, home to a vibrant population of 800,000 residents. Nestled along the eastern coast, Valencia boasts a delightful Mediterranean climate, with an average annual temperature of 17°C, perfect for embracing the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle.

Immerse yourself in Valencia’s rich cultural tapestry, adorned with antique landmarks like the Silk Exchange, alongside an array of museums, parks, and monuments that adorn the cityscape. With infrastructure comparable to other major European cities, navigating Valencia is a breeze, thanks to its efficient public transportation system and well-connected campus, complete with its own rail connection.

Experience Valencia’s thriving student life, with 80,000 students enjoying a plethora of leisure options, from vibrant clubs to delectable culinary delights and pristine beaches offering exciting water sports activities. As a student, take advantage of exclusive discounts on public transport and dive into a comprehensive university program offering a diverse range of sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, mountain biking, and sailing. Explore Valencia today and unlock unforgettable experiences in this dynamic coastal gem.

Requirements and Application

In order to apply to the University of Valencia, you will require a high school diploma and good English skills, and it is possible to apply 1 year before you finish high school.

Rather than high school grades, a successful application rests on an interview, during which your suitability is evaluated, and you are not required to pass a special admission testMediStart will coach you individually ahead of the interview. Your motivation can be underlined further if you have already completed practical placements in the medical field. However, this is not absolutely necessary.

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