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Study Medicine or Dentistry in Varna (Bulgaria)

Popular with international high school graduates: medicine and dentistry in English. Varna is on the way to becoming a modern university: all seminar rooms and classrooms are equipped with 3D technology, the building of the Dental faculty is relatively new. 

Varna (Bulgaria)

University of Varna | Studying in Varna | Admission Process

Medical studies in Varna

Varna is the home to the prestigious University of Varna. We understand that academic journeys can be complex, and sometimes grades don’t fully reflect your potential. That’s where MediStart steps in.

With our personalized approach, expert guidance, and tailored resources, we empower students like you to secure coveted spots at university, even amid academic challenges. Leveraging our industry knowledge and strong connections, we help turn setbacks into success stories. Join us as we unlock the doors to your future in medicine or dentistry in the heart of Varna.

In Varna, starting your studies in Medicine or Dentistry doesn’t require a minimum average or waiting lists. However, strong marks in Biology and Chemistry are crucial for admission. The admission test is rigorous, and the degrees follow the common European study system. While the university and hospital may not match the scale of larger institutions in Poland, the Baltic countries, or Cyprus, they prioritize investment in study quality. With modern facilities including two sailing ships, the university offers demanding education. Its diverse student body, hailing from over 50 countries and various continents, adds richness to the Medicine faculty. Join us on this exciting journey toward your medical or dental career in Varna!

Medicine at Varna University

Varna is poised to become a cutting-edge university hub, boasting modern facilities such as seminar rooms and classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art 3D technology. The Dental faculty’s building is notably new, providing students with contemporary learning environments. Originally established as a College of Medicine, the university expanded to include Dentistry in 2006. Its extensive library stocks over 160,000 medical works, while the anatomy department’s museum offers a wealth of learning materials through its vast collection of specimens.

Subjects: Medicine and Dentistry (in English)

Deadline: expected mid September 2024 (winter semester 2024/2025) Apply today!

Beginning of the semester: Expected for October 2024

Cost per semester: Medicine: 4,500,- euros/semester (6 years) Dentistry: 4,500,- euros/semester (6 years)

Last update: 27.09.2023

The Faculty of Medicine is the largest in the university, with more than 24 departments. Of the approximately 5,000 students, 24% approx. come from abroad. The study program also includes several Bulgarian courses, so that students also master the national language at B2 level by the end of the sixth semester.

Study in Varna

Varna, Bulgaria’s third-largest city with 335,000 residents, offers a unique blend of beauty and challenges. Situated on the stunning Black Sea coast, it’s a popular tourist destination known for its golden beaches. Accessibility is easy, thanks to the city’s airport offering charter flights during the summer. Despite its charms, navigating bureaucracy in Varna can be daunting for international students, but the warm and welcoming local population compensates for it. Many students engage in social initiatives like the “Teddy Clinic” for children, showcasing the city’s vibrant community spirit. MediStart’s on-site correspondent is here to ease your transition, assisting with accommodation and connecting you with fellow students and faculty. So, embrace the adventure of studying and living in Varna with confidence!

Admission Process

For an application with a good chance of success, it is important to have very good grades during high school and to have passed the admission exam with good grades. Your knowledge of English, biology and chemistry will be tested. In our experience, these must be very good. At MediStart we will provide you with learning material and you can take part in our online counseling. Because the university allocates study places successively, we recommend applying in spring 2024 to begin studies in fall 2024.

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