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Study Medicine or Dentistry in Târgu Mureș (Romania)

Târgu Mureș Faculty of Medicine is one of the leading Universities in Romania. A traditional university with high moral values and respect for the profession. Communication, quality in education and teamwork are promoted.

Târgu Mureș (Romania)

University of Târgu Mureș | Studying in Romania | Admission process

Study Medicine at Târgu Mureș a.M.

Embark on your journey to studying medicine or dentistry in the vibrant city of Targu Mures with MediStart, your trusted partner and expert in university admissions. We understand that grades aren’t the only measure of potential, which is why we specialize in helping students secure coveted spots at the prestigious University of Targu Mures, even amid academic challenges.

Benefit from our personalized approach, expert guidance, and tailored resources designed to help you shine. With our extensive industry knowledge and strong connections, we’ll transform setbacks into success stories, unlocking the doors to your future in medicine or dentistry in the heart of Targu Mures.

In Târgu Mureș, you can pursue Medicine or Dentistry without cut-off marks or waiting lists, enjoying an international environment with students from across Europe, including Great Britain, Scandinavia, and Germany. With the option to study medicine entirely in English and complete your degree in six years, Targu Mures offers exceptional cost-benefit value, attracting hundreds of young people to study in Romania every year. Join us on this exciting journey as we pave the way for your success in medicine or dentistry.

Târgu Mureș University of Medicine and Pharmacology

The Faculty of Medicine in Târgu Mureș stands out as a premier educational institution in Romania, known for its commitment to professional responsibility and effective doctor-patient communication. Emphasizing teamwork and utilizing modern facilities, students benefit from practical training at the faculty’s simulation and clinical treatment center, which replicates real-life scenarios. Additionally, the university offers diverse sports activities including tennis, soccer, and swimming, ensuring a well-rounded academic experience. Join us at the Faculty of Medicine in Târgu Mureș and embark on a journey of academic excellence and practical learning..

Study in Târgu Mureș

Situated along the banks of the Mieresch River, Târgu Mureș serves as a melting pot for Germans, Hungarians, and Romanians from Transylvania. Close to the university lies the renowned Transylvania, renowned for its picturesque mountains and lush forests. Amidst the landscape, you’ll find numerous lakes, streams, and rivers, including the iconic Mieresch River, as well as captivating underground rivers that attract tourists.

Târgu Mureș thrives as the intellectual and cultural hub of the Magyar region of Transylvania, serving as both a university town and an economic center. Explore the rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere of this diverse city while pursuing your academic aspirations.

Subjects: Medicine and Dentistry (in English)

Deadline: expected June 2024 (winter semester 2024/2025) Apply today!

Beginning of the semester: End of September 2024

Cost per semester: Medicine: 4,250,- euros/semester (6 years) Dentistry: 4,250,- euros/semester (6 years)


In Târgu Mureș, signs and instructions in Romanian and Hungarian reflect the city’s rich cultural diversity, shaped by centuries of coexistence between Romanians and Hungarians. The university campus boasts six faculties, along with several institutions and museums. The iconic Art Nouveau Palace of Culture, home to a concert hall, art gallery, and exhibition spaces, adds to the city’s cultural allure. Explore the vibrant blend of history and modernity in Târgu Mureș as you pursue your academic journey.

Admission Process

The university selects the candidates based on several factors, mainly related to aptitude and vocation. For the application to be accepted, the approved baccalaureate. In addition, you will have to do an interview. But you don’t have to worry because at MediStart we accompany you throughout the admission process to ensure that your chances of entering the university you want are the best possible. You can easily conduct the motivational interview via Skype from home. In addition, there is the possibility of being admitted to the degree earlier in the year at the beginning of the year in a preliminary admission procedure. Volunteer work, extracurricular activities and a good English test also have a positive effect on the admission decision. MediStart counselors will prepare you for the Skype Interview with valuable tips to help you successfully complete the interview. We will take care of organizing and delivering all your documentation for the university of your choice.

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