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Study Medicine in Split (Croatia)

The School of Medicine at the University of Split  admits 60 students each winter semester to its programme. All without quotas or waiting periods. Split is the second largest city in Croatia and is also called the “capital of Dalmatia”.

Split (Croatia)

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Study Medicine in Split

MediStart, your premier partner for achieving your medical studies aspirations in the bustling city of Split, home to the esteemed University of Split. We understand that academic journeys can be multifaceted, and sometimes grades don’t reflect your true potential. That’s where MediStart steps in.

With our personalized approach, expert guidance, and tailored resources, we empower students like you to secure coveted spots at university, even amidst academic challenges. Leveraging our industry knowledge and strong connections, we help turn setbacks into success stories. Join us on this thrilling journey as we unlock the doors to your future in medicine in the heart of Split.

The University of Split’s medical school admits 60 students annually during the winter semester, with a selective admission process prioritizing applicants with strong grades and a solid foundation in biology and chemistry. The practical orientation of the study program ensures hands-on learning from day one, preparing you for the profession ahead. Croatia’s Mediterranean climate makes Split an ideal destination to study and live, with its low living costs adding to its appeal. Let MediStart guide you towards your medical career goals in the vibrant city of Split!

Split Medical College

Founded in 1974, Split University has grown to encompass over 15 faculties. Among these, the Medical Faculty of the University of Split stands out as a relatively new addition, established in 1997. It offered its first English-language degree program until 2011, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. In addition to its science building, the university features a hotel and restaurant catering to faculty, students, and guests.

With a limited number of annual admissions, the University of Split ensures personalized training, fostering a high and dynamic level of learning. Small group sizes facilitate close interaction among students and instructors.  The campus layout is highly efficient, with classrooms and the university hospital in close proximity, facilitating seamless commuting and fostering collaboration among students. Discover the advantages of studying at Split University’s Medical Faculty for a rewarding academic journey!

Subjects: Medicine in English

Deadline: expected for June 2024 (winter semester 2024/2025) Apply today!

Beginning of the semester: October 2024

Cost per semester: Medicine: 6,000,- euros/semester (6 years)

Study in Split (Croatia)

Split, Croatia’s second-largest city and known as the “capital of Dalmatia,” boasts a rich Mediterranean heritage. Its urban center, along with the historic Diocletian Palace, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, makes it a popular destination for both students and tourists. With its favorable climate and Adriatic Sea location, Split offers a vibrant atmosphere for exploration and leisure.

As an EU member and tourist hotspot, English is widely spoken, adding to the city’s cultural diversity. Split’s fascinating history, including its origins as a Greek colony, adds to its allure. Sports enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for activities, while the university’s annual founding day celebrations offer a chance to immerse in campus life. During the introductory week, you’ll have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the campus, city, and its people, ensuring a seamless transition into your academic journey. Explore the wonders of Split and uncover its treasures firsthand.

Admission Process

For your application to the University of Split, your final grade in the baccalaureate takes a secondary role. The university decides the admission through a selection committee. You will also have an interview with a member of the university’s admissions department. Experience shows that an average cut-off score of 8 or higher is also considered positive. Your knowledge of English can be demonstrated with the TOEFL or IELTS exam. MediStart personally prepares you for the selection interview and supports you throughout the application process. Request our free information package here!

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