The MediStart Story

MediStart was founded on the initiative of university lawyers and is specialised in helping applicants complete medical degrees abroad. MediStart provides comprehensive and personal advice based on years of experience.

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The History of MediStart

Mediating study places abroad is not legally regulated and is not subject to any binding legal standards. For years there have been untrustworthy agencies that make false promises to high school pupils and cause a lot of trouble and, consequently, high expenses. Unfortunately, such agencies still exist today. MediStart was founded by German lawyers specialised in higher education law with the aim of providing a reliable and safe alternative, specialised in helping applicants complete medical degrees abroad. “Go abroad and come back safe and sound” – that’s the MediStart philosophy. In 2013 MediStart became a 100 % subsidiary of UNIRAG AG, headquartered in Hamburg, and thus does not represent the interests of local and international universities.

In the last few years, MediStart has advised more than 12,000 applicants (and parents) from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The founder of MediStart was Dirk Naumann zu Grünberg, Attorney-at-Law, who took on more than 12,000 university acceptance legal cases and published numerous papers on the subject. The MediStart consultants are qualified academics and consist of university professors, lawyers and doctors. We are particularly proud of our references and the numerous press reports about us.

MediStart was the only agency specialised in placing medical students abroad represented at the German Medical Assembly in Dusseldorf in 2014, Frankfurt in 2015, Hamburg in 2016 and Freiburg in 2017. At the time, the former President of the German Medical Association was informed about the current possibilities of studying abroad. More and more professors, doctors and lawyers hire MediStart to advise their children who aim to start studying abroad. This is because they know that MediStart will choose the right foreign university, organise the admission procedure and monitor their studies, so that a return home is made possible. MediStart has been a partner of the Hartmannbund since 2015, which represents 70,000 active doctors and dentists, as well as medical students. MediStart provides professional and trustworthy consulting services, which have previously generated interest from international applicants, particularly from Austria and Switzerland. The fair remuneration concept, that is to say, the success fee, which applicants have to pay after obtaining an offer for a study place, is another reason for our success. More and more universities recognise the admission test developed by MediStart as an alternative to their own admission tests – a further sign of quality that gives us pride in our work. However, the most significant signs are the messages from our applicants, who send us feedback during their studies. These reveal that they are happy to be able to study in their chosen field at a leading university thanks to MediStart, instead of having to wait for several years.

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