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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the questions that young students often ask our advisors. If your question is not on the following list, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors and he will gladly give you all the information you are looking for. Call us at +49 30 544 538 871  and participate in one of our online information sessions, comfortably from your home.

Your chances are high, as your high school grades take a backseat. Most universities work with admission tests that consist of motivation and vocation interviews. MediStart prepares students for this stage with excellent material and online advice, sometimes even through the same professors of the corresponding university. In recent years, we at MediStart have achieved a 100% successful admissions rate at some of our partner universities. This was the case, for example, at the University of Wroclaw (Poland), Nicosia (Cyprus), Rzeszów (Poland) or also in Vilnius (Lithuania). Of course, there is no guarantee, since the final decision is made by the admissions committee of each university. However, we are optimistic that this year we will again be able to help all eligible MediStart applicants who contact us in time to get the place they want. To maximize your chances, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. For applicants at the private medical campus in Vienna and at the university medical center Târgu Mureș Campus Hamburg, MediStart offers exclusive preparation for the respective admission process with the MediStart Pre-Medical College semester. You will not only receive classes in the classrooms of the private medical campus (UMCH) in Hamburg, but also by the teaching staff of the same. In the process you will meet future teachers and classmates from the first semester. More than 90% of the participants were admitted in the last rounds.

Currently applying for the summer semester is only possible for Riga University. To take advantage of the time until the start of studies, MediStart recommends applicants to the private medical campus of the Targu Mures University Medical Center Campus Hamburg to participate in the Pre-Medical College semester; from February or October. This course provides you with specific preparation focused on the content you will need for the admission process at the private medical campus of the UMCH in Hamburg. You will reinforce knowledge of biology, chemistry, anatomy as well as the necessary terminology according to the language in which you are going to study. This directly in the classrooms and with the professors of the private medical campus at the UMCH in Hamburg. During this course you will meet many of your future teachers and classmates before the first semester of the degree. More than 90% of the participants were admitted in the last rounds.

MediStart’s excellent reputation is backed by its many successes and the quality and reliability of our consulting services. MediStart staff have extensive knowledge of the universities with which we work, their admission requirements and particular characteristics, as well as the application procedures in each of them. You will have access to personalized support from our correspondents in each of the cities where you can study. For applicants from all Spanish-speaking countries and their families, we offer advice and support in the selection of the right foreign university, the application procedure and the preparation of selection tests, as well as the start of studies and, if necessary, the subsequent return to the country of origin. According to our records for the past few years, applications early enough with MediStart are always the best results.

MediStart supports you during the application process, the admissions process, and once you are at the university. The MediStart correspondents at each university are in charge of supporting you in everything you need during your stay. They will help you find accommodation, solve registry office issues, enroll in various extracurricular courses and establish relationships with other students who have already been in the country for some time. MediStart correspondents will be at your disposal 24 hours a day during your studies to answer all your questions so that you always have the support of MediStart.

Yes, of course it is possible and even recommended. The application processes abroad begin on dates that are sometimes very different from what we are used to. It is best to start planning in September/October, that is, one year before the desired start of studies. Many universities do not subject their decision to a specific high school grade, since they focus their admission processes on vocation and motivation interviews as well as theoretical tests that are largely made up of knowledge related to the Medicine career. This is why in some cases it is possible to receive the acceptance letter to the university even before having finished high school. Get in touch with one of our MediStart advisors and they will be in charge of answering all the questions you have in detail.

MediStart will guide you through the entire college application process. Our advisors will always be at your disposal, looking after your interests so that nothing goes wrong during the delivery of your documents and each stage is carried out in a timely manner. Of course, we also take care of deadlines and dates. So that everything is done correctly. Important: some universities assign study places successively. In other words, the decision to grant a place to a young pre-university student is taken immediately after receiving their documentation. As a consequence of this practice, the chances of being accepted at one of these universities is directly proportional to the number of places available, which is why we place special emphasis on starting the process as far in advance as possible.

Individuals who previously studied a college degree have exactly the same chances at MediStart partner universities as an applicant who just finished high school. Due to the structure of the admissions processes of some universities with which MediStart works, it is even a positive and well-regarded factor to find a university study in the history of its applicants.

In recent years MediStart has achieved a 100% success rate at many of the universities we work with, meaning that all MediStart applicants successfully received a place in their desired career. This was the case, for example, in Wroclaw (Poland), in Nicosia (Cyprus) and also in Rzeszów (Poland). Of course, these success rates are not a guarantee promise because the admission depends on the entrance test, the interview, etc. However, we are optimistic and believe that this year we will once again be able to offer all eligible applicants the place of study they desire.

The private medical campus of Vienna (Austria) and the University of Halberstadt/Osijek offers medical and dental studies in German. MediStart is the only agency in Germany authorized to organize study places for this campus. In Madrid or Valencia you can study partially in Spanish and in most of our universities you can complete your Medicine studies completely in English, which will provide you with a wide spectrum of job opportunities and professional growth.

At MediStart we are seriously committed to offering our young people only options of high academic and professional quality, which is why we make sure that the degree in any of the faculties that we offer meets the highest educational standards. The degree in any of the universities with which we work is structured in accordance with the Bologna agreement, thus ensuring its validity.

Yes, but there are two requirements. First of all, your university must have a study structure similar to that of the medicine course in the country where you want to study the practical phase. Second, there must be a place available at a university of your choice. There are more and more universities abroad that no longer have the old study structure with preclinical/physics/clinical/examinations, but have also introduced the modern model of bachelor’s/master’s degree in medicine. Then the structure of the study program itself is no longer compatible with the old study structure.

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In general, the Medicine degree lasts six years, while Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine ends after five years of study. But this also depends on the country and university.

The combination with various academic programs such as the Erasmus program is an issue that must be dealt with directly with the university in each specific case.