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Study medicine abroad

MediStart’s carefully selected portfolio includes universities in Germany, Poland, Spain, Croatia, the Baltic States and other countries, with instruction being in English.

Prerequisites for obtaining a study place:

There are personal qualification requirements, in addition to the application requirements. These include the general matriculation standards, successful participation in a language test (English), and in most cases, successful completion of the respective entrance examination (among other things). MediStart organises tests for numerous universities at examination sites, bringing the examiners to you! This means that, as per your request, you can complete your admission tests in Germany, Austria or online. MediStart will even prepare you for these tests with previously conducted pre-med courses (available online), often with the university lecturers serving as your teachers.

If you are searching the Internet for a place to study abroad, please note—not every university is suitable for international high school graduates, nor is every university the correct choice for your individual situation. For example, even though it may seem to be the case, your grades are not always decisive! In fact, many Eastern European universities select foreign students according to certain criteria such as motivation and aptitude, specific subject knowledge, language skills, or the results of an entrance exam.

Luckily, MediStart will help you navigate through the selection process with our simple, reliable and successful strategies, supporting you throughout the entire application process; from university selection to the completion of the application documents, MediStart will be your ultimate guide. We will clarify any concerns you may have through our local contacts at the university so that the process remains as simple as possible—we want you to start your chosen course of study quickly and easily, so our goal is all-around support.

Even if you haven’t received your high school diploma yet, you can already apply to the English language university in Hamburg for the winter semester of 2023—contact us and we will inform you without obligation of fees. You can also request free informational material about studying abroad here.

Studying medicine in Hamburg

You can study medicine at the German campus of the University for Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Targu Mures (UMFST) without a sole focus on your high school grades. This is the only university in Germany that offers the opportunity to study medicine in English. The university also offers a German language course during the first semesters free of charge.

The degree starts every winter semester in October and lasts six years, and the admission process involves an aptitude test based on an interview and a brief evaluation. MediStart, as the UMCH’s official partner, will help you to optimally prepare for this.

Every year, it is possible for MediStart applicants to take part in a College semester in Hamburg, where they can fill gaps in their knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics while preparing for pre-clinical fields. The MediStart College semester also trains you intensively in using English terminology and successfully completing the application process. Not only are the courses taught in medical campus classrooms, they are also taught by medical teaching staff (as well as others). In addition, you will get to know your future professors and fellow students for the first year of your degree.

Further information regarding the College semester starting in November 2023 can be found at

MediStart can also assist you with finding accommodations in Hamburg.


Studying medicine in Vilnius

The medical degree taught in English at the University of Vilnius is very popular, allowing holders of a high school diploma (you can also apply if you are currently in your last high school year) to study medicine and dentistry without focussing on only your final average grade.

You can already apply to study in Vilnius, even if you are going to obtain your high school diploma in the summer of 2023, and the final grades you achieve will not be the sole focus of your application. Admission requirements include successfully passing an admission test and completing a motivation-based interview via Skype—MediStart provides you with optimal preparation for this. Additionally, to verify your level of English, all you will need are average to good English grades at school or a TOEFL certificate.

The University of Vilnius is among the universities that recognise the MediTest-EU as equivalent to their own admission test. This test consists of a written section with questions on biology, chemistry and general knowledge (60%) and an interview on your motivation and skills (40%).