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If you have been rejected by Hochschulstart or could not pass the MedAT admission test, register now and increase your chances of being accepted to a privately funded degree in Austria—secure a place for the Collegesemester starting September 2020!

MediStart-Collegesemester in Vienna

Suited for: applicants for medicine and dentistry at the private medical campus in Austria (in German)

  • Registration deadline for the Collegesemester:
    approximately end of August 2020
  • Term start:
    September 2020
  • Tuition fees:
    One-time payment of 7,900 EUR / Semester, or only 6,800 EUR / semester with the MediStart discount
    Last updated: 5 March 2020

The Collegesemester consists of the MedNow foundation course at the Sigmund Freud Private Medical Campus in Vienna as well as the preparation course offered exclusively to MediStart clients ahead of the admission process. The MediStart Collegesemester in Vienna takes place next to the famous Prater park, and university professors of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and terminology provide courses to fill any potential gaps in your understanding of these subjects, for example, if you performed poorly in chemistry in high school or only achieved satisfactory grades. Furthermore, subjects relevant to the pre-clinical phase of the medical studies are also taught, in order to facilitate your introduction to the degree.

Study Medicine in Vienna

In order to be accepted into the privately funded degree in medicine and dentistry in Austria, you will need to display motivation, pass cognitive and psychological tests and perform practical exercises during an interview–it will not solely focus on your high school grades or your MedAT score. After this, you will be studying medicine or dentistry in German right beside the famous Prater.

During the MediStart-Collegesemester in Vienna, MediStart clients are exclusively and specifically prepared for the admission procedure–this takes place in the rooms of the private medical campus and is run by the university’s tutors as well as external trainers. MediStart is the only consultant to have been authorised by the private medical campus to provide German high school graduates with study places in medicine and dentistry.

Register now for the MediStart-Collegesemester in Vienna starting in September 2020.

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The degrees are structured in the form of the model degree programmes, similar to the modern degrees run by the universities at the Charité hospital in Berlin, as well as the university hospitals in Hamburg, Cologne and Hannover. The course consists of a BSc and an MSc, and a transfer back to a German university is not possible due to the structure of the degree, but it is also not necessary. Contrary to in Hungary, for example, the Austrian patients you will be treating during your clinical training also speak German, making a return to Germany unnecessary due to the lack of a language barrier.

The campus is located next to the “Messe-Prater” metro station on the U2 line, in proximity to the Südosttangente and A4. From here, you can reach the city centre by U-Bahn in 7 minutes or Vienna airport in 25 minutes. Find out more about the private medical campus in Vienna (Austria). here.

Who is the Collegesemester suited for?

MediStart had two main reasons for bringing the MediStart-Collegesemester to life. Firstly, applicants should be given the opportunity to mitigate any knoweldge deficits in biology, chemistry or physics,  as well as to revise their existing and previous knowledge after finishing their high school diploma (there will be a particular focus on medicine and dentistry, rather than a general perspective). Secondly, applicants that missed the chance to apply or were rejected this year should be given the opportunity to optimise their chances for another application in the following year; this is why the university’s professors and external trainers teach you the basics of the challenging curricular pre-clinical phase and you will be provided with specific preparation for cognitive and psychological admission tests and interviews.  It is hard to imagine a better form of specific preparation ahead of this highly coveted degree in Austria.


The professors at the private university have prepared a challenging curriculum consisting of 150 teaching hours. You will benefit from this by:

  • Filling gaps in scientific knowledge acquired at school
  • Acquiring the skills to pass the theoretical part of the EMT training
  • Optimising your chances of being admitted thanks to specific preparation for the admission procedure
  • Being taught about pre-clinical subjects by university tutors at the facilities of the private medical campus in Vienna

The Collegesemester consists of the MedNow foundation course at the Sigmund Freud Private Medical Campus in Vienna as well as the preparation course offered exclusively to MediStart clients ahead of the admission procedure. It lasts one semester (three months) and is held at the private medical campus in Vienna.

After this, as a MediStart client, you will receive specific training on interviews, practical exercises, cognitive tests and time management during the admission procedure. It is hard to imagine a better, more targeted form of preparation ahead of the privately funded degree in Austria. Make the most of the advantages you will gain during the 2020 Collegesemester!

  • Studying in Vienna, even after being turned down by Hochschulstart and MedAT
  • Start the Collegesemester as early as autumn 2020
  • Right to withdraw free of charge in case the opportunity to study medicine or dentistry at a university in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is offered before the start of the Collegesemester
  • Successful: we achieved an almost 100% success rate in the past, e.g., in Hamburg, Nicosia, Wroclaw, Rzeszow, and Vilnius
  • Professional: support during the application phase and during your studies
  • Considering more than just high school grades: admission tests and preparation courses that do not require top grades
  • Provides options in Germany: medical studies can also be started at the UMCH in Hamburg
  • Easy: organised application of all necessary documents
  • Fair Remuneration: success fee only paid if you are admitted
  • MediStart-Collegesemester: in Hamburg (Germany) on-site and worldwide online as preparation for your medical degree at any of our partner universities
  • Comprehensive: on-site planning and organisation services (support in finding accommodation, international network
    of students, etc.)
  • On-Site: support and supervision of your studies
  • High Quality: supported by German lawyers specialised in German and European Education Law
  • Early Admission: admissions for some universities for 2022 are already possible

Registration & Procedure

You can register for next spring’s Collegesemester until the end of August 2020. MediStart is the only agency authorised to provide German high school graduates with study places at the private medical campus.

Further information (German language):

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