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Lateral Entry

The license acquired at all the universities in the MediStart portfolio is, due to the EU regulations, fully recognized throughout Europe, as well as in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Vienna, you will even complete your studies with the “Dr. Med. Univ.” title, which is applicable in Germany without any additions.

4251067820_a1aeb7fc0aThose who wish to return to Germany during their studies, i.e. before obtaining their license, requires recognition of the achievements from the individual semesters abroad. Our strategy is aimed at enabling you to return to a German university from the outset. This is not only possible for German applicants, but also for applicants from Austria and Switzerland.

The medical licensing regulations and the medical study regulations stipulate that study achievements abroad are recognized in Germany if they are of the same standard, i.e. are equivalent. The decisive factor is the configuration of the course of study at the respective foreign university. The advantages of the comprehensive planning that MediStart offers are truly exemplified by our knowledge of these processes. Seeing as, due to differing study structures, the medical-related studies in Austria or the Netherlands may not be fully recognized, or recognized to a lesser extent, some of the universities selected by us offer a study structure which closely resembles that of German degree programs. In some cases, the medical examination offices at universities selected by us recognize the credits in such a way that you can “take” individual semesters and the first section of the medical examination to German. The chances of success in a later semester are often much higher than in the first semester, but the process itself can last many months, even if the situation is urgent.

2Anzeigen-unirecht-RZ_Seite_2You can apply for lateral entry in a later semester (2nd/3rd or 5th semester) with the credentials or equivalent certificates from the responsible medical state examination office in Germany. This means that you will apply to free study places at German universities in a later semester. In recent years, it has become almost impossible, even in the later semesters, to get a place in Germany through a normal application. However, lateral entry can still be legally claimed. In the clinical semesters, universities must calculate their capacities according to different criteria than before. A placement application with the right strategy is meaningful and promising, but the process usually takes place over an extensive period. Legal action may be taken against selected German Universities for “hidden places”, i.e. places that universities have not awarded in the regular application process.

The difference between a complaint in the first semester versus that in a later semester, is that other objections can be raised against the capacity calculations. Above all, the number of plaintiff applicants is normally also significantly lower.

studienplatzklage-broschüreIt may also make sense to file a complaint while studying abroad. Whilst you wait for the judicial decisions, you can continue to collect credits while your lawsuit is underway. There is, however, no guarantee of success.

MediStart cooperates with lawyers specialized in study placement who have successfully sued to gain places for lateral entry candidates in later semesters of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Request information regarding studying abroad without NC, the lateral entry and the study place lawsuits here. 

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