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MediStart provides support in all European countries. No matter where you live, our study abroad consultants will help you so you can start your medical studies at a top university without waiting.

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Support Everywhere in Europe

MediStart can support you anywhere in Europe; no matter where you call home, we are there to help. As a leading consultant specialised in mediating study places for medical degrees, MediStart knows the European education industry better than anyone. This is because the majority of students studying medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine abroad are from Germany, and German students have been studying medicine in other European countries for more than 20 years. It started in Hungary and the Baltics and is now also possible in countries such as Poland, Bulgaria and Cyprus, where the courses are taught in English.

Thanks to unified standards and guidelines such as the EU Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (2005/36/EG) combined with the Directive 2006/100/EG ensures mutual recognition, the EU has created an opportunity that allows many hundreds of international high school graduates to start their medical degrees at selected universities in different EU member states. This is important for MediStart applicants who wish to work as doctors in EU member states, Switzerland and the UK as after having received their medical licences in the respective countries of their MediStart universities, they will no longer need to pass any further recognition tests.

Take advantage of this opportunity; it has already benefited many hundreds of applicants!

Seeing as MediStart universities normally do not consider the average grade point, there is no need for any grade conversion calculations—your high school diploma is enough to study medicine abroad. Also, your MediStart consultant will check whether your high school diploma is suitable for the degree of your choice.

MediStart also offers tailor-made hospitality service packages—English-speaking partners on site take care of registration processes, help you with your travel arrangements and assist you in finding your accommodation. Any performance deficits can be quickly rectified with the help of private tutors, and thanks to affiliated lawyers specialised in university education, we also offer a competent and experienced team that can solve your problems (thanks to their contacts with the university leadership).

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